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Dr. Michele Moscicki

Hello and welcome to my website. Here you can learn a bit about me, my research interests, my past experience, and my future directions.


To give a brief summary:

I love to teach and inspire students!

I am primarily interested in teaching at the post-secondary level while also researching human and animal responses to stress, building stress resilience, and investigating best teaching practices for higher education.

You can learn more about me and my science and teaching interests by clicking on any of the links to my science profiles below (bottom right hand corner) and browsing the rest of my website.


Instructor of the
Month Interview
April 2016
Gateway Q&A with a Professor Feature
October 2016


Teaching of Psychology Brown Bag Talk: Teaching
Peer Consultant Program
October 13, 2017


My most recent publication was the last chapter of my PhD thesis to be published. I exposed convict cichlids to two different behavioural apparatuses either with stressful cues in the water or no stressful cues. I found that female fish used their left eye (and by extension their right hemisphere) more to process information when there were stress-related cues in the environment. This paper contributes to the growing body of literature regarding lateralized processing of information related to stress or negative emotions.

Damage-induced alarm cues influence lateralized behaviour but not the relationship between behavioural and habenular asymmetry in convict cichlids (Amatitlania nigrofasciata).

Michele K. Moscicki & Peter L. Hurd

Animal Cognition, 20(3), 537-551.

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